Corbett Tiger Reserve

After 2 days traversing the hills to view birds of the the high altitude, we descend to the plains to visit one of the finest national parks of our country and the first under project Tiger. - Corbett National park. the park lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. Corbett is one of the best managed parks in the country with good facilities and excellent guides who are well versed with both the Birdlife and mammal life.

Bidding goodbye to our innovas we transfer to 4 open jeeps with drivers who are excellent naturalists too. Our driver is Irfan who is also callled Nanhe. the next 3 days are at Corbett where our Group leaders, guides and drivers are constantly keeping a sharp lookout for any living being. We enter the Dhanagiri gate as we are fortunate to be able to stay at Dhikala Forest Rest House 32 kms inside the park. Our safari begins even before we check in and we pass through some beatiful forests. The photo below shows Thandi Sarak (cool road).Did we see the tiger? the most common question. Yes but a very fleeting glance - once at a great distance & the second time when it just leapt across the path and into the forests. But our focus was to enjoy the birdlife. So here are some of the sightings.

River Lapwing

Brown Rock Chat

Marsh Crocodile locally called Mugger sunbathing

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